lunes, 14 de septiembre de 2015


SONGS are not only fun, they have a serious purpose for language learning. They are highly memorable and motivating.

We have all experienced the "song stuck in my head" phenomenon. It seems that songs lodge in both our short-and long-term memory so they are a relative easy way to remember quite long chuncks of language.

SONGS are the natural opportunity for meaninful repetition. And they provide examples of everyday language.

So, do listen to songs and pay attention to the lyrics. You will be learning while you enjoy the music. In HEZInglish we usually use songs as an effective didactic resorce. We can find the lyrics of most songs that we love on the internet (any webpage will do). Listening comprehension practice will became an enjoyable activity if we listen to our favourite songs. Singing along will the following step. Who can resist?

We would like to mention a workshop which introduces a new approach to learning English in a fun and stimulating way with Jason R. Levine (“Jase”), a native English speaker from the U.S with 18 years of experience in ESL-EFL. Jason teaches English through the rap music and the videos he creates as Fluency MC. His workshops have enjoyed success in 14 countries around the world. This unique and highly popular workshop has attracted the attention of both local and international media. Over the next year 120 workshops have been scheduled in countries around the world.

During the 90-minute workshop, Jason performs and interacts directly with the students, providing them with the opportunity to build and practice their reading, listening, and--especially--their speaking skills.
To watch an introductory video, please follow this link:

As for’s always a good time for music.To celebrate life against hatred and intolerance. And here is our proposal for you today, a very nice song with subtitles. This is Belle and Sebastian. Dance with me! Do you fancy?
This is a song to sing. Feel free to dance!